PrettyFaces downstream effects

Latest in the ongoing story of why even the simple things take much longer than they should: I’m working on an app where the menus generate PrettyFaces bookmarkable URLs. However, when I jump to the target page, then click on a commandLink, the secondary target page won’t post properly. When ( more… )

Myfaces Extensions Validator and RichFaces (Not yet)

The MyFaces extensions validator package looks like someday it will make life a lot more pleasant when designing JSF backing beans. Instead of cluttering up the markup with cumbersome extra XML, the MyFaces Extensions Validator allows you to annotation the backing bean properties. It even adopts the applicable annotations (such ( more… )

org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: could not get a field value by reflection getter of com.mypackage.MyEntity.entityId

There are reports that messages of this sort were due to bugs in one or more Hibernate releases. But this is also a legitimate error. I wasted a lot of time before it hit me. The original code was: @SuppressWarnings(“unchecked”) public List<State> getStatesForCountry(String countryID) { final String SQLCOMMAND = “SELECT ( more… )

JSF/Facelets/RichFaces – and Maven

SF itself is fairly straightforward. Getting it functional in an appserver is another matter. Originally, I used MyFaces and Tomahawk. More recently, I’ve replaced MyFaces with the Sun JSF Reference Implementation (RI). Tomahawk, although a MyFaces library works just fine with the RI. The JSF-impl jar is part of the ( more… )

Embedding graphviz-generated scalable graphics in an OpenOffice Document

You can insert graphics into an OpenOffice Writer document – or any of a number of other document editing programs. It’s generally a simple “Insert picture/from file…” menu option. Getting it not to look like garbage is the hard part. Most images are bitmaps and scaling bitmaps usually results in ( more… )