DigiSpark ATTiny85 Revisited

Finally got the thing to program. I went and bought some of the semi-bare USB units. All told, I think you can get this device in 4 different forms (or more). Bare chip. Should be easy to program as long as you have the right voltages and drivers. Bare chip-on-a-board. Same as bare chip but it’s on its […]

Quick-printing recipes with a Bluetooth POS Thermal Printer

The problem When I need a break from technology, I garden, growing herbs and the odd vegetable. That seques into cooking with what I’ve grown. I’ve got lots of recipes for lots of cuisines, Mexican, Italian, Indian, English, German, Chinese, the Good Old USA, Panama, the world over. They’re held in many forms, 3×5 index cards, 4×6 index […]