DigiSpark ATTiny85 Revisited

Finally got the thing to program. I went and bought some of the semi-bare USB units. All told, I think you can get this device in 4 different forms (or more). Bare chip. Should be easy to program as long as you have the right voltages and drivers. Bare chip-on-a-board. Same as bare chip but it’s on its […]

The Dark Side of the Nook

I knew that people were unhappy with the Nook Tablet because it reserved a lot of memory for itself, but I hadn’t realized how far the rot has truly run. One of the reasons why this unit appealed to me was that I expected it to continue the open-ness of the Nook Color, its predecessor. Sadly, this is […]

Android – Projection Maps explained

Android comes with the SQLite database. Although it’s a lighweight DBMS, its authors are sufficiently proud of it that instead of listing what features it has, they prefer to list what features it doesn’t! In addition to the SQL support we all know and love, Android includes some SQLite features that aren’t really well explained. First and foremost […]

Android ListViews with Checkboxes

Android has a very useful way of organizing lists: the ListView. However, it doesn’t seem to work right when you include a checkbox in the list! Actually, it turns out that it works exactly right, but only if you understand what “right” actually is. The normal behavior of a ListView item is that you can highlight it and […]