CMake – a short history

In the Beginning, if you wanted to create an executable application in C, you’d run a program that translated C code to assembly language, run an assembler on the translated code, then run a linker to bundle it all up into an executable file. And it was Good. But it was also annoying after a while, so someone […]

Gnome Evolution is an Abomination and gnome-keyring should die in a fire!

Really. Between Evolution’s penchant for creating non-deletable – and defective – account associations and gnome-keyring’s useless pop-up dialogs, the whole thing almost makes Microsoft Windows seem attractive. Then again, gnome is, by and large, a slavish attempt to imitate many of Windows’ more obnoxious features. Like the Windows Registry. Honestly. People have been complaining about this stuff for […]

org.hibernate.PropertyAccessException: could not get a field value by reflection getter of com.mypackage.MyEntity.entityId

There are reports that messages of this sort were due to bugs in one or more Hibernate releases. But this is also a legitimate error. I wasted a lot of time before it hit me. The original code was: @SuppressWarnings(“unchecked”) public List<State> getStatesForCountry(String countryID) { final String SQLCOMMAND = “SELECT c ” + “FROM ” + State.class.getSimpleName() + […]