Apache, Tomcat and SSL – with Pictures!

Or at least examples! Apache SSL to non-SSL Tomcat: <VirtualHost mytchost:80> ProxyPass / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 ProxyPassReverse / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 <VirtualHost mytchost:80> <VirtualHost mytchost:443> ProxyPass / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 ProxyPassReverse / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 <VirtualHost mytchost:80> Apache SSL to SSL Tomcat. This is what you’d normally use if the Tomcat webapp had secure transport specified in its web.xml: <VirtualHost mytchost:80> ProxyPass / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 ProxyPassReverse / […]

HOWTO: get Docker Containers under Centos 5 with Xen

Centos5 is getting long in the tooth, but then again, many of my servers are antiques that would find native Centos6 to be problematic. A recent adventure in disaster recovery led me to upgrade several of my Xen DomU’s from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6, but I was distressed to discover that about the minimum you can get […]

A Utility Program for Cataloging Ebooks

My books are among my greatest assets. So much so that finding room to store them all has long been a problem. So the emergence of ebook readers has been a big help to me. However, to be of true value, certain aspects of the “dead tree” format must carry over and one of the most important ones […]

The Horrors of OpenOffice Macro Programming

I love OpenOffice as a user. I have absolutely no envy for (ahem) That Other Product. In truth, just about every new MS-Office feature added since 1997 has been completely meaningless to me. I have been manipulating OpenOffice/LibreOffice/StarOffice in various creative docs for some years now, but mostly by running XML processes against the ODF files. While XSLT […]

JPA and Fixed-length text fields in databases

Lucky me. I took over a system whose database is awash with compound keys. The more I work with this stuff, the more justification I find for always having a simple sequence key as the primary key, despite the apparent extra overhead. I’ve had a long-running problem where parent-child (one-to-many) relationships weren’t able to fetch their children. At […]

Using the Apache OpenJPA command-line tools

Stuff that’s unfortunately not concentrated into a convenient ready-to-use example in the Apache OpenJPA docs. But that’s what this blog is all about! When using the reverse engineering, schema, and other tools directly from a shell script (not Ant or Maven), the default place to get datasource definitions and related options is in META-INF/persistence.xml. This file is mandatory […]

JSF Submit-on-Enter forms

It’s not (so far as I know) officially required anywhere, but it’s a generally accepted principle that a form on a web page containing one text field and one submit button should submit itself when you type in text and press the ENTER key. A classic example of this is Google . In actuality, it isn’t quite that […]

OpenJPA, Tomcat6, Spring and Hibernate

Getting all of the above to play together can be tricky. I knocked myself offline for nearly 2 days after the latest upgrade. Broken Tomcat/Eclipse The sysdeo Tomcat plugin no longer works when my testapp is installed – the log says the WebAppClassLoader (todo: check name) cannot be found. Something’s messed up the core Tomcat classpath. Fortunately the […]