Creating a Functional Custom CentOS Install DVD

There are several existing How-To’s out on the Internet on the subject of creating a custom CentOS installation DVD/USB storage medium. But unfortunately, actually trying to employ them can be frustrating. So here goes with Yet Another How-To that I hope will fill some of the holes. Why Custom media? Why even bother with a custom install? Why […]

Apache, Tomcat and SSL

Its a popular thing to use Apache (or nginx,¬†etc.) as a reverse-proxy server fronting Tomcat. However, documentation on such practices tends to gloss over certain important things. Specifically: 1. Who owns the SSL cert that manages such a configuration. Apache or Tomcat? 2. Is the Apache-to-Tomcat tunnel encrypted? If so, how? I finally decided to determine by experimentation. […]

Land Mines – Spring Neo4j

One of the primary purposes of this blog is to record what I’ve learned by tedious trial and error and/or spending time down in source code I shouldn’t have had to look at. This particular topic has more than its share of discoveries. Spring Neo4j claims that it’s intended to imitate, where possible, existing persistence systems approaches. Unfortunately, […]

DBUnit and CSV reference data

The CSV capabilities of dbUnit are under-documented. Here’s the results of some pain, suffering and debug tracing: The CSV files are expected to be one-per-table. The tablename is part of the filename, thus: “TABLE1.csv”. Format is the usual, with the first row containing the column names and subsequent rows containing data. It is possible to customize the delimiters […]

JSF2 Annotations Ignored

I couldn’t figure out why when I tried to retro-fit an old JSF project for JSF2 annotations the annotations weren’t being processed and the managed beans weren’t being instantiated. Duh. The JSF2 annotation processor defers to faces-config.xml. My faces-config still said JSF 1.2 in the faces-config element and related xmlns attributes. On a related note, annotations are only […]

RichFaces “columns” tag doesn’t display columns

The RichFaces manual show this example on using the “columns” tag: <rich:dataTable value=”#{capitalsBean.capitals}” var=”cap”> <rich:columns value=”#{capitalsBean.labels}” var=”col” index=”index”> <h:outputText value=”#{cap[index]}” /> </rich:columns> </rich:dataTable> There is no corresponding sample Java code. That’s very unfortunate, since in the absence of any better documentation, the natural thing to expect is that “capitalBeans.labels” would be a DataModel object, just as it is […]

Tomcat ignores FORM based authentication, uses BASIC authentication

Here’s a week of my life down the drain. I’m setting up a new production site with Apache AJP fronting Tomcat and when the Tomcat webapp needs authentication, it ignores the FORM authentication directive, presenting a BASIC authentication dialog, instead! I thought it had to do with AJP and SSL tunneling. It didn’t. I finally confirmed that by […]

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