Apache, Tomcat and SSL

Its a popular thing to use Apache (or nginx,¬†etc.) as a reverse-proxy server fronting Tomcat. However, documentation on such practices tends to gloss over certain important things. Specifically: 1. Who owns the SSL cert that manages such a configuration. Apache or Tomcat? 2. Is the Apache-to-Tomcat tunnel encrypted? If so, how? I finally decided to determine by experimentation. […]

Tomcat ignores FORM based authentication, uses BASIC authentication

Here’s a week of my life down the drain. I’m setting up a new production site with Apache AJP fronting Tomcat and when the Tomcat webapp needs authentication, it ignores the FORM authentication directive, presenting a BASIC authentication dialog, instead! I thought it had to do with AJP and SSL tunneling. It didn’t. I finally confirmed that by […]

Eclipse: Tomcat FileNotFoundException

After happily using the sysdeo Tomcat plugin for years. I’ve finally been pushed into using the Server facility bundled into Eclipse Ganymede’s JEE drop. For some reason, once started, sysdeo cannot be stopped or restarted – it loses track of the logfile classes. In theory, you just create a new server of your choice in the Eclipse Servers […]

JSF/Facelets/RichFaces – and Maven

SF itself is fairly straightforward. Getting it functional in an appserver is another matter. Originally, I used MyFaces and Tomahawk. More recently, I’ve replaced MyFaces with the Sun JSF Reference Implementation (RI). Tomahawk, although a MyFaces library works just fine with the RI. The JSF-impl jar is part of the server for JEE-compliant servers, such as recent versions […]