Gnome Evolution is an Abomination and gnome-keyring should die in a fire!


Between Evolution’s penchant for creating non-deletable – and defective – account associations and gnome-keyring’s useless pop-up dialogs, the whole thing almost makes Microsoft Windows seem attractive.

Then again, gnome is, by and large, a slavish attempt to imitate many of Windows’ more obnoxious features. Like the Windows Registry.

Honestly. People have been complaining about this stuff for years and it never gets fixed.

The popup for gnome-keyring is especially odious, since it blocks all other user interaction (including access to pwsafe) and it LIES. It says that the Google password incorrect when it isn’t.

There are no documented fixes to speak of, short of wiping the entire OS, no one on the respective gnome development teams does anything and users get angry.

Including me. So I’m going to go take a stress pill.