PrettyFaces downstream effects

Latest in the ongoing story of why even the simple things take much longer than they should:

I’m working on an app where the menus generate PrettyFaces bookmarkable URLs. However, when I jump to the target page, then click on a commandLink, the secondary target page won’t post properly. When you click on the actionButton, it throws a ViewExpiredException for the target page’s View.

A look at the secondary target page source, however, indicates that the POST URL is the original PrettyFaces URL. NOT the secondary page URL. JSF can be so much fun that way.

The cure is to attach a <redirect/> to the navigator action that dispatches the secondary page. This will cause the correct URL to be used.

UPDATE: It’s a Bug!

Lincoln Baxter, III is the author of PrettyFaces and when he heard about this, he made some mods to PrettyFaces which should remove the need for the <redirect/> workaround. If you’d like to try his fix, it’s in his 1.2.4_PR1 release. Thanks, Lincoln!

Author: Tim

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