Apache, Tomcat and SSL – with Pictures!

Or at least examples! Apache SSL to non-SSL Tomcat: <VirtualHost mytchost:80> ProxyPass / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 ProxyPassReverse / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 <VirtualHost mytchost:80> <VirtualHost mytchost:443> ProxyPass / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 ProxyPassReverse / http://backend.tomcat.host:8080 <VirtualHost mytchost:80> Apache SSL to SSL Tomcat. This is what you’d normally use if the Tomcat webapp had secure transport specified in its ( more… )

Apache, Tomcat and SSL

Its a popular thing to use Apache (or nginx,¬†etc.) as a reverse-proxy server fronting Tomcat. However, documentation on such practices tends to gloss over certain important things. Specifically: 1. Who owns the SSL cert that manages such a configuration. Apache or Tomcat? 2. Is the Apache-to-Tomcat tunnel encrypted? If so, ( more… )

Gnome Evolution is an Abomination and gnome-keyring should die in a fire!

Really. Between Evolution’s penchant for creating non-deletable – and defective – account associations and gnome-keyring’s useless pop-up dialogs, the whole thing almost makes Microsoft Windows seem attractive. Then again, gnome is, by and large, a slavish attempt to imitate many of Windows’ more obnoxious features. Like the Windows Registry. Honestly. ( more… )

The Underappreciated Raspberry

The Raspberry Pi B version is one of the most popular hacker toys of the day and with good reason. Although it’s not the first sub-miniature single-board computer, it’s the first one whose price, performance, features and power make it an acceptable substitute for a “real” desktop computer. But there’s ( more… )