JBoss and OpenJPA

I developed my Technology Sandbox app using OpenJPA under Tomcat6. Since JBoss 4.2 has its own persistency mechanisms (EJB3 and Hibernate), it looked like some changes might be required to port it.

It turns out that very little needed to be done.

The most important thing is to get a copy of the Spring agent (in my case spring-agent-2.5.4.jar) and copy it to the JBoss lib directory so that when it launches Tomcat, it can be used.

To get the embedded Tomcat to start using the Spring agent, a


needs to be defined in the JBoss/bin/run.conf file. If one doesn’t exist, create it. If it does and there’s already JAVA_OPTS defined (such as -Xmx options), just add the -java-agent option to the existing set of JAVA_OPTS.

The only other thing that was required was to define a JDBC data source in the JBoss deploy directory to make the connection between the database connection parameters and the JDNI name of the data source. I just copied and modified one of the examplex-ds.xml files.

JBoss provides the JSF core implementation itself and that collides with MyFaces. The Technology Sandbox app started out using MyFaces. Since it’s actually getting the JSF stuff for the WAR build via Maven, a simple change to the POM should fix that issue, but a quick fix is a web.xml option that turns off the container JSF implementation: