Gourmet Recipe Manager problems under recent Fedora releases

The Gourmet Recipe Manager program is a very useful way to store and find recipes, but it has been essentially useless since about Fedora 11 (give or take).

The problem is that this app uses an SQLite database to keep its recipes and accesses the database using SQLAlchemy. Version 0.7 is seriously broken relative to Gourmet.

The cure, once you know it, is relatively easy – at least as long as you don’t have any other apps depending on SQLAlchemy (and I didn’t). First, check to see if you do:

rpm -q --whatrequires python-sqlalchemy

If gourmet is your only dependent (or you don’t care/feel brave), remove the 0.7 sqlalchemy package by brute force:

rpm --erase --nodep python-sqlalchemy

Download one of the 0.6 versions of sqlalchemy. If you have a 64-bit system, be sure to get the 64-bit RPM, which includes the 32-bit version.

Install the downloaded sqlalchemy RPM

rpm -ivh python-sqlalchemy-0.6.xxxxxx.rpm

Fire up gourmet. One of the easiest ways to see if it works is just to type a search. If it returns search results, you’re OK!